Digital Forensic Support

The Security Lab offers digital forensics support to at risk human rights defenders and civil society organisations. If you have serious concerns that you or your devices may be targeted by spyware or other digital threats, you can contact us.

Please include as much detail as possible to support your concerns (such as any state-sponsored attack notifications you may have received). You should also include information to allow us to verify your identity and your role in civil society.

Forensic Partnerships

In 2023, the Security Lab formalised new partnerships with six civil society organisations to increase collaboration on digital forensics work. These partnerships with Access Now, Front Line Defenders, Human Rights Watch, InterSecLab, Reporters Without Borders and SocialTIC foster increased collaboration on threat intelligence, case identification and review, and tool development.  

As part of the partnerships, the Security Lab shares public and private forensic tools and services to analyse forensic data, and we provide tailored support to each partner organisation. Together, we share knowledge and information and track trends related to spyware use and development in diverse world regions.