Digital Forensic Support

The Security Lab offers digital forensics support to at risk human rights defenders and civil society organisations. If you have serious concerns that you or your devices may be targeted by spyware or other digital threats, you can contact us.

Please include as much detail as possible to support your concerns (such as any state-sponsored attack notifications you may have received). You should also include information to allow us to verify your identity and your role in civil society.

Forensic Partnerships

2023, the Security Lab started a unique partnership programme with six civil society organisations (CSO) working on digital forensics: Access Now, Front Line Defenders, Human Rights Watch (HRW), InterSecLab, SocialTic, and Reporters sans Frontières (RSF). Each partnership varies in the countries, cases, and specific subject matter covered. 

This programme is a new model of collaboration that seeks to: 

  • Share threat intelligence, helping to uncover and understand new and emerging threats facing diverse communities of human rights defenders and journalists at risk.
  • Support independent case verification, tool improvement, and collective digital forensic research.  
  • Build the capacity of individuals and organisations to conduct digital forensics. 
  • Strengthen efforts to protect civil society worldwide. 

With each partner, the Security Lab holds regular monthly calls to discuss ideas, questions, and cases more in-depth, has open communication channels for ad hoc questions and information sharing, and conducts joint investigations whenever relevant.

Security Lab partners

Access Now
Reporters Without Borders
Frontline Defenders
Human Rights Watch